Storm Damage

Storms in the Midwest are unpredictable and strike fast. That's why our teams are ready 24/7 to assist with any storm related damage. We have a ready team available to secure your property and protect it from the elements.

From temporary repairs and boards ups to tarps and weather proofing, rest assured, we are here to help at a short notice. Large storms bring in unlicensed contractors doing sub-par work. Goodman and Associates is a trusted name throughout the area. Give us a call when storms damage your home or business to ensure you get our industry-leading restoration results and customer service. 

We're fully qualified for any type of restoration and repairs related to storm damage, including water restoration and roof repairs. 

Oklahoma is known for storms.  Have a ready plan and include us in your contacts so we can assist at any time with our services through Green Country's severe weather outbreaks.