About Us

As a young man, Mike Goodman began a career in the insurance loss business. As a part of that industry, Mike witnessed the relationships between those he worked with and for and the restoration contractors responsible for repairs. All to often, this relationship was a bad one and left clients with a poor opinion of the contractors. 

Over the years, Mike has gained valuable experience in a number of other industries, including roofing and property management. At each stop, he valued the relationships with customers and prided himself on his ability to deliver high quality results. 

After learning the trade of restoration, Mike started Goodman and Associates and aimed to change the way loss contractors are perceived. Rather than simply fulfilling the minumum requirements of each job, Goodman and Associates goes above and beyond to ensure each customer reaches the end of their project with a smile on their face. Customer service is a priority, which is proven everyday. 

Goodman and Associates has earned such a sterling reputation that they've become the go-to authority and consultant for the media. 

Put that expertise to work for you. When disaster strikes, contact us for fast, friendly restoration services.