Fire & Smoke Damage

The aftermath of a fire in a home or business can be overwhelming. The destructive power of the flames eat away at walls, floors, ceilings and can affect the structural integrity of the building. Ash and smoke can corrode, discolor and leave lingering odors throughout the structure. Water damage from fire fighters leaves the possibility of mold and additional damage. 

To completely recover from a fire, licensed and experienced professionals are needed. Goodman and Associates is able to step in and deliver fast, effective results. 

A fire is unpredictable and disastrous, but the key to recovery is to contact Goodman and Associates immediately. This allows us to begin cleaning and restoration efforts before additional damage to your home is done from left over debris, water and chemicals. Not only does this save your home from damage, it also saves you money in repairs and allows us to restore your home back to normal faster. 

At Goodman and Associates, we're trained and qualified to handle all aspects of fire and smoke damage repairs, including roof repairs. Contact us as soon as possible for fast, friendly and efficient service.